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Reitsma weer volop in bedrijf en dit vieren wij!

Reitsma Recycling heeft een zwaar jaar achter de rug en gezien het feit dat we nog altijd voor u kunnen klaarstaan vieren we dit door hogere kiloprijzen te geven!

Koningsdag gesloten!

Scheepssloop kan en mag alleen netjes

Artikel uit het Friesch Dagblad, 16 juni 2012

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A flourishing family-owned company!

At the end of the eighties Theo Reitsma was the successor of his father who was already active in recycling business for many years. By that time Theo started to collect waste metals and waste paper by car, in order to sell it to bigger recycling companies.

Thanks to the prosperous business a plot of land at the Oastkern in Kootstertille could be bought. The business managed to grow each year to the company that it is nowadays. The car grew to a light truch and eventually to a large quad-axle truck.
The small pile metal grew to a huge load with all sorts of (expensive) metals; a recycling company was born.

Nowadays Theo Reitsma Recycling consists of several employees and had two trucks driving around the Frisian landscape.
In 2006 Reitsma Recycling changed its company to a Dutch BV (Ltd) to expand the business even more.
These activities will, in the future, consist of the dismantling of waste ships. More information about this can be found under the “Ship-recycling” button.